Engagement Session

Many people, particularly grooms to be, have not heard of an engagement session. When it comes to telling the story of your life, and your love, an engagement session is key.

It also lets you get to know and ‘try out’ your photographer. And your photographer gains the opportunity to get to know you before your big day.

The good news is that engagement sessions are all about fun. It’s best if you are natural and relaxed, so let go of any stress about these photos. Enjoy yourself and your photographer will do the rest.


What to Wear to an Engagement Session

Since the goal is to appear natural and comfortable, you should wear whatever makes you feel good. This might be heels. This might be sneakers. Just remember that it’s not a fashion shoot. As a photographer, I’m more interested in your energy, your interaction, and your faces than the labels on your clothes.

Having said that, if you want to dress to complement each other, that can work well. Just don’t dress to match. You may be joined at the hip, but only figuratively speaking!

Choosing Locations for an Engagement Session

If you have favorite places, please let me know! Since we’re telling a story with these photos, a location or locations that are meaningful to both of you might be better than a pretty location that is common to postcards.

When grooms are feeling unconvinced about participating in an engagement shoot, I sometimes suggest ‘the pub crawl engagement shoot experience.’

I find that it’s good to keep everyone moving. I take couples for a walk and take photos en route. This avoids folded arms in front of monuments.

I want to capture the two of you looking natural, looking at each other, looking in love. If there are drinks on the way, this is fine.

To Pose or Not to Pose

Now and then I might pose a couple. This will be more via suggestion than manhandling. If you’re not comfortable doing something, that will show in the photos and nobody wants that. Building up trust is one reason that it’s a good idea for photographers to have a session with couples before the wedding.

Note that, even if I make the suggestions, no two couples look at each other, hold each other, or kiss in the same way. I look for what makes my subjects unique. Those things jump out to the trained eye.


An engagement session creates some wonderful memories that you can share. It also builds a relationship between the photographer and the couple. And it prepares everyone for the all important wedding shoot.

So, you see that an engagement shoot is super important.

Don’t worry about your performance in front of the camera though. Fortunately, that – and using the light to make these photos stunning – is the photographer’s concern.




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