The Value of Photographing your Wedding Proposal

You could say that your wedding proposal is when your journey to the wedding aisle begins. Understandably, people go to great lengths to make it special.

Proposals take place on television, in restaurants, on beaches, and on mountain peaks. These all make great places to pop the question. And they’d be great settings for the photos too.

Social media is such that people want to share more and more experiences via photography. It’s a shame to miss the opportunity to relive and share a moment as important as your proposal.

Proposals are wonderful because of the element of surprise and the way in which the couple gets swept up in the moment. Many people remember where they were when their spouse proposed, but remembering the details is more challenging. To paraphrase almost everyone I’ve ever spoken to about their proposal: “It all happened so fast!”

Your proposal is one of the most special moments in life and it’s over in seconds, unless you capture it.


I don’t suggest that you take along an engagement ring, roses, and a selfie stick. I think capturing the moment ought to be subtle. You want to get the shot, but you need to do so without ruining the moment.

That’s why it can pay to use a professional. Rather than handing your smartphone to a stranger, which has several risks associated with it, work with a professional photographer as your proposal wing man.

When it comes to ‘getting the shot,’ leave it to a professional. If you risk using a timer or the random stranger mentioned above, you risk falling prey to any of the many things that can go wrong. People can walk into the frame. Unwanted elements in the background can ruin the shot forever. You can even get your camera back only to find that your partner’s reaction is obscured or that her head is missing entirely.

In addition to this, if you have to think about the image your making as well as your declaration of love, you’ll be distracted. There are times when it’s okay to be distracted; during your wedding proposal is not one of them.

A professional photographer can be discrete and wait until the last moment to get the shot. They will get it done right, leaving you to focus on your message and your future. Get swept up. Get lost in the moment. And still have a record to share and treasure forever.





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