What Could Go Wrong at a Wedding and How to Have a Plan B

A wedding is a wonderful event, but it can also be complex. It’s worth paying proper attention to the things that might not go as planned.

An experienced wedding photographer will have seen various things go awry on a wedding day. People fall into the cake, snore loudly, get lost, and forget rings. Your photographer will strive to ensure that he or she is not among the things that go wrong.

I always make sure I take backup equipment.

Even professionals occasionally drop things. I make sure that I have a spare battery, lenses, a flash unit, extra memory cards, and even a spare camera.

If you ask a seasoned wedding photographer if they carry spares, you can almost guarantee that the answer will be yes. I’ve decided that it’s better to carry these things around and not need them than to accidentally take a dunk in a stream and be left without the tools of my trade.

Some people don’t realize that memory cards can become corrupted and fail. As an event photographer well-practiced in photographing weddings, I’ve considered this problem way in advance. Even better than having a spare memory card, is to use a camera that writes to two memory cards at the same time.

Think of all those potentially once-in-a-lifetime moments. The kissing of the bride. Catching the bouquet. Cutting the cake. Imagine the feeling of sliding a memory card into a computer and having nothing happen.

Hardware failure only needs to happen once to a photographer for him or her to learn a lesson of a lifetime. You’ve got to have a plan B when it comes to event photography, particularly an event as iconic as a wedding.

Before you engage with a wedding photographer, don’t assume that he or she will take precautions against technical or human error. Ask. If the photographer reassures you that nothing will go wrong, he or she is probably right, but you would be wise to keep looking.

Keep looking and asking questions until you find a photographer who makes it routine to prepare for the worst case scenario.

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